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From Traditional TLD to the Hype of New Domain Extensions

New domains are now taking the spotlight in SEO. Find out more about new domain extensions and the perks they may offer. 

Not much thought was put into the suffix of a web address. Most people tend to set their attention on the URLs first and middle sections. And while the first two are necessary to ensure traffic on the website, choosing a poor extension may likewise significantly affect the web address’ visibility. 

Domain extensions, otherwise called TLDs are the suffix of a domain name. These letters appear on the last part of a web address, after a dot, following the middle part of a URL. The TLD is the surname of URLs.

The most popular top-level domain (TLD) are .com, .net, .org, .co,and .edu. TLDs are classified into multiple types which includes generic TLDs (gTLDs), sponsored TLDs (sTLDs), and country code TLDs (ccTLDs). 

Domain extensions such as .com, .biz, and .net are examples of generic TLDs. Sponsored TLDs are used by organizations, educational institutions, and similar entities. On the other hand, as its name suggests, country-code TLDs are used by specific countries for quick recognition such as .uk for the United Kindom, .us for the United States of America, .cn for China, and .aus for Australia. 

The generic domain extensions mentioned above are what experts call the traditional or aged TLDs. Although these TLDs are still used by many, more and more websites prefer using the new domain extensions for customization and identity. If you’re planning to create a website, would you choose an aged or new domain?

What are New Domain Extensions? 

The ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) is a body responsible for the managing of the domain name system. Their role is to connect each domain name to IP addresses. Back then, there were 22 generic top-level domains; however, everything changed come 2013. 

In 2013, the ICANN released new TLDs, later called new domain extensions, otherwise known as custom TLDs. Examples of new TLDs are .store, .clothing, .blog, .online, .tech, and .health to name a few. This new era in TLDs both offered opportunities, and likewise, brought forth disadvantages.

The Pros of New Domain Extensions

The birth of new TLDs holds a promising future in the field of SEO. Custom TLDs provide more options and availability to websites. Moreover, it encourages uniqueness, which is a great advantage in brand building. 

New TLDs make it easier for potential viewers to recognize the website, as well as the services it offers. For example, a website with suffix .shoes will immediately know they are on the right website if they’re looking for footwear. In a nutshell, the new TLDs support quicker navigation of websites and understanding of service.

The Downside of New Domain Extensions

New TLDs hold a great advantage towards SEO and branding. However, it also has some drawbacks.

People are used to traditional TLDs such as .com and .net. It has been the norm for a very long time, and the switch to new TLDs could be confusing to some. If a person types the suffix .com instead of the correct new TLD of the web address, the search engine will display results with websites using the suffix .com. Therefore, it could potentially reduce page conversions and web visitors.

Top 5 Profitable Market Niche for Online Business with Low Competition

Are you planning to start an online business? Or are you an eCommerce veteran planning to branch out to a different market niche? Regardless, choosing a market niche can be tricky. To make things easier, here is the trending profitable eCommerce niche with low competition. 

Before starting a business the first step you need to take is to choose a market niche. It pertains to a specialized market. The concept of market niche is classified into four primary categories. These include a market segment based on demographics (referring to individual characteristics such as age and gender), geographic (location of target consumers), psychographic (pertains to the interest, lifestyle, and personal thoughts of consumers), and pricing. 

For example, women’s cosmetics are a broad market. It is divided into several niches, such as cosmetics for teenage girls, skin products for the elderly, and vegan makeup products. You may focus on one niche that satisfies your interest, capital, and target consumer group. You can gradually branch out to another niche once your business starts to grow and attract more consumers.

There is a myriad of eCommerce niches today. To help you find the most profitable niche, here are the top 5 trending profitable market niches for online businesses with low competition.

#1 Home Office Equipment

The COVID-19 pandemic forced working individuals to work from home. Likewise, students are introduced to a new modality of instruction. These changes prompted a new wave of market niche, which is office equipment. 

Home office equipment is not entirely new; however, its demand and popularity significantly increased over a couple of years due to the work from the home trend. It seems the trend is nowhere stopping. The upcoming year is seen to be promising for this type of business.

#2 Men’s Beauty Products

The health and beauty industry is enormous. However, for many years, the focus of this industry is primarily on women. Now, the demographic of beauty products is branching out to a new demographic trying to deconstruct gender norms. 

Men’s beauty products are a market niche that is growing steadily. The most popular men’s beauty supplies online are the good old shaving products, moisturizers, and lip balm.

#3 Eco-Friendly Products

Nowadays, consumers are more aware and careful when buying products. They are more conscious of the implication and harm of buying non-renewable energy, as well as non-biodegradable items. This global awareness resulted in the birth of a new market niche. 

Eco-friendly products have become one of the trending profitable eCommerce niches this 2021. Market research shows that there is a continuous and steady increase in the demand for eco-friendly products. Its demand will likely grow more in the upcoming years.

#4 Home Sports Equipment

The health and wellness industry gained more traction over the past years due to health awareness. If you want to delve into this venture, a good market niche is indoor sports equipment. More and more people lead a more active lifestyle; thus, great for an online business.

#5 Smart Home Equipment

New technology is always welcome in the market. Consumers are consistently searching for smart home tools for convenience and efficient work. Smart home devices with built-in Bluetooth connectivity are likewise a good market niche in this age.

Different Ways Relaxation can Help in Running Your Business

How can relaxing help your business? Learn the five incredible ways how unwinding can drive a positive impact on your business. 

Running a business, even a small one, is stressful. As the business owner, you have to make sure every aspect of the business is operating well. Moreover, you encounter challenges daily that sometimes you get caught up that it is affecting your personal life and home responsibilities. 

Every business owner deserves time to relax. Taking a step back and unwinding offers countless health advantages. Most importantly, your business benefits from it. How can your business benefit from relaxing? Here are the things you need to know.

Multiplies Business Results 

Stress is a natural body response towards certain stimuli. For example, an entrepreneur experiences stress when faced with financial issues in the company. It drives a person to either fight or flight on a stimulus perceived as a threat. 

When the body’s stress response system is activated, the level of cortisol and other stress hormones increase significantly. The sudden spike of stress hormones may disrupt body processes. It may likewise lead to a higher risk of health problems. Examples of it are anxiety, depression, muscle pain, heart problems, weight gain, and many more.

Stress also affects a person’s memory and concentration, which is delimiting to entrepreneurs. Business owners require constant focus when operating the business. Memory and concentration impairment will negatively affect productivity and business results. 

Relaxing allows the body to control stress hormone levels. It relaxes the mind, enhances focus, improves memory, and boosts cognitive functions. Moreover, it offers countless health benefits that you can learn from Therefore, relaxation optimizes productivity and performance, which could multiply business results.

Enhances Creativity

Creativity is the edge of every business owner in this industry. It is what makes one business unique from the other. Moreover, creativity introduces new ideas and methodologies that could help boost various aspects of the business, such as employee performance, product manufacturing, and market visibility. 

Stress results in mental fatigue that gravely affects an entrepreneur’s creativity. Relaxation helps clear the mind and reduces mental fatigue. Moreover, it elevates hormones such as endorphins and dopamine, which helps contribute creative innovations and the ability to formulate solutions – two of the several essential characteristics of a successful business owner.

Easier Decision-Making 

Business owners are always put in the spotlight when it comes to making decisions. They are expected to create solutions quickly and decide on things even faster. However, stress may slow down cognitive functions that could negatively impact the brain’s decision-making process. 

Relaxing quiets the mind. It is easier for the brain to grasp the situation when calm, allowing you to create plausible solutions and make decisions.

Strengthens Employer-Employee Rapport

Stress reduces patience and tolerance; it triggers mood changes, irritability, and anger. These negative emotions can diminish the employer-employee relationship. 

Relaxing proves to be effective in improving patience and tolerance. Since the mind is calmer, it allows you to assess the situation. It helps in controlling your emotions and responses towards the stimulus. For instance, if an employee makes a mistake, it won’t drive you into a rage that could immediately ruin interpersonal relationships. You can make sense of the situation and resolve the issue with level-headedness.

6 Things a $100 Vacuum Sealer Can Do

Is spending money for a $100 vacuum sealer worth it? Find out the things this vacuum sealing machine can do and its awesome benefits. 

There are many benefits of using a vacuum sealer. It does wonders in terms of saving money, preserving food, and ensuring healthy food. 

Like many other kitchenware and machines, vacuum sealer comes in a wide array of styles, sizes, and prices. Among these factors, most buyers are particular about the machine’s price; for not all that is expensive is a good purchase and not all that comes at a cheap price has poor quality. 

You can buy the best vacuum sealer under $100. It offers countless benefits that you can find from high-end options. Now, what makes a $100 vacuum sealer unique from expensive ones? Is this machine worth purchasing? Find out by learning the advantages of a vacuum sealer worth under $100 below.

1. Keep Food Fresh Longer

Exposure to fluctuating temperature and light immensely affects the food’s freshness. It causes spoilage and impacts the food’s quality. Likewise, poor storage inhibits mold growth, fungus, and bacteria. Remember that contaminated food triggers health concerns. 

Keeping food vacuum-sealed protects it from contaminants. The lack of air exposure ensures the food’s freshness and extended preservation. Thus, you can guarantee that your family is eating healthy and safe food.

2. Prevents Freezer Burn

Freezer burn causes dehydration on food. It damages the food’s quality, as well as its texture and taste. Moreover, freezer burn ensues contamination due to water crystals build-up that later turns into moisture as temperature drops. 
Vacuum sealing food prevents freezer burn. It protects the food’s taste and texture, making sure you’ll have a tasty meal every day. 

3. Marinates Food Better

Keeping marinated food in a vacuum seal helps improve its taste. Since the food is kept from air exposure and moisture, the seasoning’s taste is preserved, which adds more flavor to the food. Thus, the next time you marinate chicken, beef, or fish make sure to vacuum seal the food to enhance its taste. 

4. More Storage Space

Vacuum sealing food supports more organized food storage and additional space. You can save more space for other containers, cans, and boxes, whether in your fridge or cabinet. 
Moreover, you can effectively organize the space. You can arrange the vacuum-sealed food according to your meal plan for a better cooking experience. 

5. Save Money

Most homeowners tend to buy family packs to save more money. In reality, they spend more. Once they open the packs, the food loses its freshness and quality resulting in contamination and spoilage. In the end, they throw the spoiled food. 
Vacuum sealing helps save money by keeping food portions fresh. You can now buy food in family packs without worrying about spoilage and contamination. Additionally, vacuum sealing reduces food waste.

6. 100% Fresh and Healthy Food

Vacuum sealing food ensures no chemical preservation. You can guarantee that each meal on your table is 100% fresh and has zero unwanted chemicals and unhealthy preservatives.

What Parents Should Know About Transitioning from Baby Bottles to Toddler Cups

Transitioning from baby bottles to toddler cups is a big leap for your little one. For parents who want to know more about toddler cups, here is everything you must know. 

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) suggests that babies should start taking solid food as early as 6-months old. The moment they are introduced to solid food is also the best time to let them try toddler cups. 

Why Transition to Toddler Cups? 

Transitioning to toddler cups is necessary for your little one’s growing body. At this age, your child starts to develop teeth. The rubber on baby bottles can hurt your child’s tooth and may lead to cavities. Letting your toddler use baby bottles for a long time can affect their dental and oral health. Hence, transitioning to the right sippy cups eliminates the risk of problematic dental issues your toddler could experience early on. 

Likewise, toddler cups are an effective training phase for toddler’s independence without eliminating their comfort source, especially at night.

How to Begin

First, you need to look for the best toddler cups. Make sure to get one that is 100% safe for kids. Avoid toddler cups that have potential toxic substances such as lead, phthalates, cadmium, and many more. Take note that toddler cups with harmful chemicals can damage your toddler’s health if not now, then in the future. 

Toddler cups also vary in design. It doesn’t hurt to choose options printed with charming whimsical creatures. A toddler cup with your child’s favorite character is likewise not a bad choice. 

You can look for toddler bedtime milk cup reviews to guarantee the product is safe. Additionally, reading product reviews allows you to compare products and help you choose the best one for your toddler. 

Once you found a toddler cup, show your little one how it’s done. Teach him and point out how to drink using his new cup. It also helps to show your toddler that it is enjoyable drinking from the cup to take his interest away from the baby bottle. 

After teaching your child, be his drinking buddy. Prepare your beverage, propose a toast, and enjoy the drink. Treat it as a fun bonding time with your kid. For sure, your little buddy will enjoy drinking more on his new cup. 

Try to switch up from milk to different beverages suitable for his age. You can also pour in water in the sippy cup so he won’t be solely dependent on milk. 

If you plan to swap the sippy cup to an open one, the best thing to do is alternate the use of these toddler cups. Toddlers feel more comfortable with sippy cups since these are somewhat similar to baby bottles. Try to encourage your toddler to use an open cup for an easier transition to a regular drinking glass. 

Experts warn parents to let toddlers depend on sippy cups. It’ll be challenging for toddlers to transition to regular cups when they make a habit of using the former. It is why experts suggest switching sippy cups and open cups alternately. In this manner, your precious one won’t experience difficulty moving to big-kid cups.

The pros and cons of dropshipping on Amazon

When you decide that you want to launch a dropshipping business online, the first sale brings an exciting feeling. If you havent launched a dropshipping business yet, but you think about doing it, we are happy to share the pros and cons of doing it via Amazon. Dont waste time, visit and learn more about dropshipping and doing it via Amazon.

Before we begin, it is important to mention that dropshipping is an online business model suitable for those who dont have a lot of money to invest in the beginning. It is also a good business model for those who are not interested in creating their inventory line. Dropshipping allows you to act as a middleman without having to deal with the products at all. When you receive an order, you then forward it to a supplier or a manufacturer and have them ship the product to your customer. Of course, the profit isnt as high with this model, but at least you have the opportunity to launch an online business with ease and simplicity.

Turning our attention to dropshipping via Amazon, the biggest online retail store of the moment, you should know that there are both pros and cons to it.


  • One of the biggest pros of dropshipping via an online retail store such as Amazon is that you dont have to worry about the complications of buying and selling. You dont have to order products, manage the stock, store or ship the products. All that you have to worry about is to focus on passing the order to a manufacturer or a supplier.
  • You save money on shipping because you are not the one who does it.
  • Since there are thousands of manufacturers and suppliers who accept to work with Amazon, you dont have to worry about a limited product inventory. You can team up with multiple manufacturers and suppliers, and offer variety. It is a huge advantage when it comes to attracting numerous customers.
  • If you choose to dropship through Amazon, there are search engines and marketing tools that other people already brought to perfection for you. You can piggyback on the work of other sellers.
  • You get immediate access to a big audience since Amazon is already popular and famous worldwide.


  • Keep in mind that if you already have a slim profit margin for certain items, that margin will get even slimmer. Amazon takes anywhere between 10-15% of your sell fee.
  • You dont have much control over how the items are marketed and advertised. It falls into Amazons power of decision, so you dont get to say anything in this respect.
  • Amazon imposes certain restrictions, which means that you wont be able to establish a warm and lasting relationship with your buyers.
  • Buyers have you as their only point of contact, so they dont care what is happening on the suppliers end. You are responsible for what the supplier does without being directly involved in any incoming issues. However, in the buyers eye, you are the source of the problem.

Top Advantages of LED Headlights

Are you searching for headlights to replace the ones you have as they are getting old and you don’t feel safe anymore? If yes, you should be aware that since you last searched for headlights, LED bulbs have gained increased attention. LED headlights are becoming more and more popular and it seems that an increasing number of car manufacturers and vehicle owners are converting to this new solution. What is the explanation for that? They see LED headlights as a highly efficient option. If you don’t just want to go with the flow and follow this trend but would rather get informed on the subject, check out these top advantages associated with the use of LED headlights.

1. Lighting efficiency. Compared to halogen bulbs, LED headlights are built with greater strength and efficiency. LED headlights are able to produce pure white light, thanks to which you will obtain a better, clearer, and efficient view of the road, especially at night. You might think that since LED headlights produce a high degree of light, their energy consumption is high as well. Actually, they are energy efficient thanks to their low power consumption capability.

2. Longer lifespan. LED headlights are made of new, better quality materials, which means that they also have a longer lifespan compared to other types of headlights. This means that even though you will initially spend more money on them, you will save the long term as they don’t require to be changed as often as other headlights require. LED headlights also have integrated cooling fans which means that they lessen the built-up heat of the device. Of course, this helps expand their usability in the long run.

3. They are very easy to install. While halogen bulbs, for example, require professional installation services, this is not the case with LED headlights. They come with a simple plug and play feature which means that you can easily have them installed on your vehicle. This helps you save money that you would otherwise spend on professional headlight installation services, and it also helps you save a lot of hassle.

Did we convince you that it is a good idea to opt for LED headlights for your vehicle? If we have, then please check out an OPT7 LED headlight review and consider investing in it. This new LED headlight comes with a 2-year warranty and a RedLine control driver. You will be impressed with its Arc Beam lens that provides a high-density light pattern; thanks to it, you can be sure that you are not going to be put in danger by dark spots. This LED headlight also has a TurboCool 7,000 rpm fan that ensures high cooling rates. This cooling fan helps prevent damage to internal components, even when underwater. If you drive a lot at night, we assure you that this new LED headlight represents a choice that will significantly improve the safety of your driving environment. Check it out and consider investing in it because you are not going to be disappointed with it. 

A Quick Product Review on Titan ControlMax 1700 Pro 580006

Choosing products between products when looking for the best airless sprayer for commercial use can be confusing. Fortunately, there’s Titan ControlMax 1700 Pro 580006 to consider. You should check it right now.

Airless paint sprayer for commercial use is one of the popular types of paint sprayers today. And if are looking for a reliable and powerful airless paint sprayer, the Titan ControlMax 1700 Pro 580006 is something to reckon with.

Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 50 x 17 x 32 inches
  • Weight: 37 lbs.
  • Sprays: 0.33 gallon per minute through the 515 spray tip
  • Storage capacity: Can spray up to 300 gallons per year
  • Motor: 0.60 horsepower (adjustable pressure)
  • Operating pressure (max): 1500 PSI        

Product Features:

  • High-Efficiency Airless (HEA)technology

The Titan ControlMax 1700 Pro 580006 is designed with HEA technology that helps reduce overspray up to 55 percent compared to other paint sprayers in the market today. Plus, because of this, it is easy to control the sprays that allow you to provide a more consistent finish.

  • Bigger storage capacity

Titan ControlMax 1700 Pro 580006 is built with a bigger storage capacity that can spray paint up to 300 gallons per year – that is a lot. To put it on a viewpoint, a 2-story house at around 2,500 sq. ft. can take up 25 gallons of spray paint. To say the least, Titan ControlMax’s storage capacity is one of its strongest points, if you would compare it to other commercial paint sprayers in the market today.

  • Operating pressure of 1500 PSI

How powerful a paint sprayer for commercial use should be? If you are going to use a commercial paint sprayer, you need to understand that the operating pressure of the paint sprayer will determine the overall result.

For commercial paint sprayers, having 1500 PSI is an advantage. It will allow you to cover all the required flow for specific painting work. For instance, if you are doing average spraying for sealing and top coating, the required operating pressure is at 35 – 45 PSI. So, since Titan ControlMax 1700 Pro 580006 is built with 1500 PSI spray paint for different purposes becomes attainable.

  • Variable speed pump

The best thing about Titan ControlMax 1700 Pro 580006 is you can control the speed pump with its adjustable pressure from the 0.60 horsepower motor. This allows you to spray unthinned spray paint at 0.33 gallons per minute

  • The fluid section is replaceable

If you are planning to purchase commercial spray paint, you have to look for this feature too – where the fluid section is replaceable. This means you are doubling the productivity since you can replace the fluid section when the paint in the storage is no longer enough to complete the project without taking too much time and effort.

  • Portable

It is a good thing that Titan ControlMax 1700 Pro 580006 is designed with a cart – easy to move and transport from one working area to the other.

So, is Titan ControlMax 1700 Pro 580006 worth it?

There are a lot of things to love about Titan ControlMax 1700 Pro 580006, but you should also take some of its few flaws into consideration. These flaws include:

  • Requires troubleshooting for initial priming
  • Low viscosity paint

Other than the two, it is safe to say that Titan ControlMax 1700 Pro 580006 is worth purchasing.

A Step-by-Step Guide for Novices on How to Use a Paint Sprayer

Working with paint sprayers requires more preparation. Learn how to get started with paint sprayers for your first project. 

A paint sprayer ensures a glass-smooth finish and quality project outcome. It speeds up the job and reduces the amount of work. Moreover, it is a highly recommended painting tool when working with a large space due to its efficiency and precision. However, be warned that paint sprayers are only suitable for large projects and not for minimal jobs. 

Before starting your first painting project with a paint sprayer, learn the basic steps on how to use this tool correctly for a mess-free and quality project.

Step #1: Prep the Surface

First of all, prepare for the area you are going to work. Make sure to clean the surface. After doing so, cover the areas you don’t want to get paint on with dust sheets and masking tape. 

Take note that paint sprayers can be challenging to control for a beginner. Paint droplets might accidentally land on your furniture and other areas of the room. Masking furniture and other surfaces will prevent mess when you paint. 

Also, wear protective gear before dealing with paint and fumes. Wear protective clothing, goggles, a face mask or respirator, and gloves. 

Likewise, make sure the area you are working on is well-ventilated to avoid suffocation.

Step #2: Prepare the Paint Sprayer

Check the paint sprayer before use. If you are using an HVLP sprayer, use thinner paint to prevent the paint from clogging the nozzle. You can read from the hvlp sprayer review that beginner type of HVLP sprayers can’t handle viscous paints unless you are using an industrial model. If you are dealing with latex paints, the best choice is an airless sprayer. The latter also works with wood varnish and lacquer. 

The ideal temperature for spray painting is 45 to 75 degrees; if it is too cold and the spray gun will clog immediately. Meanwhile, if it is too hot, the paint dries too quickly and easily peels off the surface. 

Step #3: Apply the Paint

Do a test before applying the paint. It will help you to assure the coverage is to your liking. Furthermore, practice your movement to ensure you won’t accidentally overspray and likewise keep your strokes smooth. 

Start applying the first coat nice and even. Be conscious of your distance from the spray gun to the surface. Make sure your distance is consistent to ensure a smooth and even coating. 

Additionally, beware that each type of paint has different characteristics. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the paint. 

As you keep on spraying, work slowly on the surface on one-foot-width spaces. Then, try to overlap between spaces to prevent light patches and lines. Once you reach the corners, spray the paint vertically but more quickly to prevent overloading the surface.

Step #4: Check Your Work

After you finish one area, check your work before proceeding on the next surface. Look for missed or light spots. You can use a roller to smooth out the coating. 

Step #5: Clean the Paint Sprayer

Once you complete the job, immediately clean the paint sprayer. Don’t let the paint sit for a long time, for it might clog the gun. Follow the manufacturer’s direction on how to clean the paint sprayer you have.

Cloning Software And The Features It Must Have

You may find yourself helpless and irritated in the event of a crash happens to the hard drive of your computer. You will be bogged down by the thought of losing valuable data as a result of the crash and at the same time, the thought of restoring those huge data, operating systems must be killing you from inside. To prevent such occurring, the cloning of the discs is done. Like the first clone animal Dolly, the cloning of the hard drive is done so that the true data is retained and operation can resume easily and immediately after the unwanted occurrence of crashing of the hard drive.

Let’s talk a bit more about what cloning is and what are the options available to us if we want to go for it. There is a multitude of cloning software available in the market. If you want to buy cloning software for your personal computer, you better read a review on the top 3 cloning software and buy one after making an informed selection. Back on cloning, it’s a software that replicates the software, operating system, drives, and patches in the original hard drive. In the event of failure of the hard drive, it comes to the aid of the user by eliminating the manual and time-consuming process of reinstalling the software one after the other. The same can be said about the transfer of the data after the restoration of the hard drive as well.

Must-have features for cloning software:

Security: The software must ensure the data stored with the use of the software is kept under stringent security and the interest of the user regarding the security of the data is honored and protected.

Efficiency: It is expected of a cloning software to serve multiple computers in the event of any need arises warranting its use. A good disc cloning software must not be serving one PC at a time; instead, it must serve multiple computers simultaneously.

Simplicity: The software must be easy to use with an easy graphical user interface. The software must look intuitive to the user and be user friendly to the maximum possible extent.

Flexibility: The term flexible emphasizes that the software must offer options to the users to define to back up what data he wants to and where and when the same would be backed up.

There is backup software available in the market which does a similar sort of job but they are not a match to the cloning software though there is considerable overlap between both the types when it comes to feature and usage. Broadly we can say that backup software backs up the data to cloud storage for offsite use and future retrieval. But, cloning software uses the data along with, configurations, patches and operating systems, etc. A cloning software can do set the machine identically up automatically while the backup software is not capable of doing it to the computer in the event of a hard drive crash.

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