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  • glows throughout the night
  • mix with clear grout or concrete sealer

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Quick Software Review: Things to Know about Corel WinZip 23 Pro Software

There are a lot of advantages when you use WinZip as you can organize, manage, and protect a large volume of data in storage and significantly into smaller sizes. Also, investing in a reliable WinZip will maximize your email sharing capabilities by reducing the required bandwidth. Plus, using WinZip will increase the speed of downloading and uploading files, as well as, sending large files to the recipient without worrying about getting bounced emails.

One of the most recommended WinZip today is the Corel WinZip Pro Software – an advanced compression and decompression tool that allows you t share, store, and encrypt files with ease and efficiency. Is it worth it? To get to know Corel WinZip even more, a review of Corel WinZip 23 Pro Software was created just for you.

For now, here’s a quick but useful Corel WinZip 23 Pro Software check that will help you decide whether you should invest in it or not.


  • Zip and unzip files (including files with larger format)
  • Zip and unzip files with one-click functionality; this makes your tasks faster and easier.
  • Protects essential files or data with banking-level encryption.
  • It allows you to access and manage the files without difficulties.
  • It allows you to connect to Google Drive, DropBox, OneDrive, and more.
  • Easy to share through using social media accounts, email, cloud, and even IM.
  • East and fast unzipping of files stored in the cloud.
  • You can smoothly delete old files and folders at a scheduled time.
  • Automatically removes the hidden personal data (EXIF Exchangeable Image Format) from the files.
  •  Saves your time when deleting, saving, and renaming multiple files.
  • It allows you to view a file in the best fit or actual size.
  • Enjoy more space for storage.
  • Automatically saved settings, as well as, automatic run of WinZip Express.
  • Enhanced MP3 compression by reducing the files at 15 – 20 percent.  
  • Reduced transmission time, making it easier and faster upload, download, send, or receive files or email with attached larger files.

What is included?

If you are going to purchase the Corel WinZip 23 Pro software you know that you are in good hands. WinZip 23 Pro will provide you access to the WinZip 23 Pro program, which you can easily install on your computer.

Is it worth it?

If you try to go through Corel WinZip 23 Pro Software’s benefits, you’ll find the software useful. The software is available for anyone willing to learn about how the software works.

So, if you are currently having trouble sending larger files containing essential data, you should consider using WinZip – it helps manage, store, encrypt, and reduce the file size by zipping the data in one folder or storage. And if it is about the best WinZip today, you should consider investing Corel WinZip 23 Pro Software – easy, fast, and reliable.

Try to check additional details about the WinZip at App Soft Hub’s website – one of the reliable review sites for mobile and computer apps and software today. 

Is Funnel Franchise 2.0 Worth-it?

There are several promising passive income opportunities that you can find online, but are these stable and progressive?

One of the controversial online programs today that promise to provide effective ways on how to earn stable income starting at $10 K/ month through online affiliate marketing is the Funnel Franchise 2.0; but do you think it is worth your time and money?

To understand how the program works, you visit a website that provides honest review or any article that has Funnel Franchise System explained; but before that, here is a quick review to get you started.

What is Funnel Franchise System?

Funnel Franchise System was created by an experienced and highly successful internet marketer– Mark Wightley. Funnel Franchise System is a system that allows you to build an email list and earn more income sources.

How does it work?

First, you will have to choose between two (2) types of membership: Basic or Elite Membership. Funnel Franchise System will help you to increase your income by easily setting you up the entrepreneurs online and the system will do the selling for you.

In order for the system to work, you will have to set yourself up with resources and essential tools that you will need.

1. You have to own a Domain 

You can purchase one from Namecheapat a sound price. But also, you can use your own domain if you already have one. It is best that your domain should be based on your name.

2. An AutoResponder – This is for storing all subscribers email addresses purposes.

3. A Page Builder – This is for Building Landing Pages, Blogs and Funnels. Builderall is one of the recommended tools for this purpose.

Affiliate marketing and product promotion is Mark Wightley’s niche; he is capable of making sustainable income through progressive online affiliate marketing.

Online product launching is one of the common struggles of many online business owners; this is one of the reasons why many online entrepreneurs and physical business owners rely on people like Mark Wightley who has techniques on successful product launching online.

If you sign up as a member, you will learn how to do a product launch and be successful with it and earn thousands of dollars each month. The objective is for the clients to learn the following:

  • How to create a sales page
    • How to outsource sales page
    • Proper upselling and down selling
    • How to get affiliates for product promotion.

Is it worth it?

If you are a beginner and starting to learn in this kind of trade, Funnel Franchise is not for you. The system does not divulge into the basic of SEO; so, do not easily get swayed by the benefits it provides because this system is ideal for those who know about online affiliate marketing and SEO. Otherwise, everything is worth it. The amount you pay and the time you consume to fully understand the program, all are worth it.

What else does the system provide?

  • Funnel Franchise system products
  • License to use the Funnel Franchise Private Facebook Group

Is Aimores the Best Blender for Making Shakes and Smoothies?

Leading a healthy lifestyle has become more challenging while living in this modern society. People spend most of their time at work. As a result, they resort to using goods and facilities with convenience attached to its name. For example, working individuals eat at fast-food chains or delve on processed foods rather than cooking a hearty meal. Plus, they no longer allocate time to exercise due to their hectic schedule.

Are you one of these working individuals who have come to rely on an unhealthy lifestyle due to convenience?

There is still hope for you. Revert to a healthier lifestyle by changing your diet habits. Embody wellness despite your hectic schedule with on-the-go healthy food like smoothies and fruit shakes.

One Way to Get Healthy On the Go

You can prepare a healthy meal and drink on the go. One example of it is smoothies and shakes. The internet has lots of recipes that’ll help you to make nutritious smoothies that you can bring to work. But before anything else, you will need the best blender for smoothies and shakes to whip your favorite drink.

One of the most popular blenders that can help you make delicious smoothies is Aimores Commercial blender. This kitchen appliance is well-known for its fantastic functionality and impressive performance, whether it is for personal or commercial use. If you are looking for a good blender to support your new healthier diet, Aimores Blender is one of the best options out there. 

Why Aimores Blender?

Aimores Commercial Blender is said to be the top-notch kitchen appliance that can satisfy your creative culinary mind. It is incredibly versatile. You can use this blender to prepare different types of food and drinks like smoothies, soups, sauces, baby food, and many more.

Aside from being versatile, this blender has more to offer.  Reviews like this post: shows the wonderful features of this product.

High Powered Motor and Variable Speed Settings

Aimores can do more than crushing soft foods. This blender features a high-powered motor of 1100W. It can pulverize tough ingredients like nuts, hard vegetables, meat, and even ice. Moreover, the incredible power of this blender makes it good for mixing viscous recipes like baby food and pastry batter.

This blender also features variable speed settings with speed range from 20,000 to 28,000 revolutions per minute. The different speed settings allow you to control the blender when mixing soft and hard ingredients.

Durable and Long-Lasting

This kitchen appliance features hardened stainless steel blades. These blades are guaranteed sturdy that it can crush various types of ingredients.

Safe to Use

Aimores’ blender tank is a 100% BPA-free container. The mixing tank has a capacity of 75 oz. Hence, you can prepare several glasses of smoothies for the whole family with this blender.  

Safety Features

Aimores values the safety of buyers when using this blender. The product has a safety switch found at the base. It also has a built-in cooling fan to prevent overheating.

You can live healthy despite being drowned with work. All you have to do is be creative.

Find out more about the best kitchen appliance that supports wellness here at Prime Shop Kitchen.

What to Find in a Drugstore Powder Foundation for Day to Day Wear

Wearing makeup can change a woman’s mood like magic. A little blush on and lipstick can surely make her feel more beautiful and confident despite what a crappy day it has been. No wonder, many women are careful in looking for a cosmetic to buy. What they are looking for is a makeup that will make them gorgeous and confidently beautiful all day long without damaging their skin.

The drugstore is the first place a woman can find a good cosmetic, especially a foundation. Indeed, drugstores are the one-stop-shop for every woman’s needs. Unluckily, there is a wide variety of foundations out there. Then, how can one find out which foundation is the best to buy for day to day wear?

Here are some pointers that’ll help you look for the best drugstore powder foundation.

Factors to Consider When Buying Drugstore Powder Foundation

#1 Natural Ingredients

Be careful and wise in choosing a powder foundation. Do not select a foundation that has substances that might cause skin damage, especially to sensitive skin type. Examples of harmful contents that are usually found in cosmetics are parabens, phthalates, sulfate, alcohol, talc, mineral oil, and triclosan. You might also want to consider gluten-free foundations and those with zero animal by-products.

Only pick out powder foundations with natural ingredients like minerals.

#2 Long-lasting Coverage

Some foundation does not last long enough for several hours. Some of it makes your skin appear shiny and chalky.

You can avoid such instances by buying a foundation with a full-coverage and high-pigmentation that lasts all day long. The best selection of long-lasting wear foundation that you should check out is Covergirl Advanced Radiances Pressed Powder, Maybelline FitMe Matte Pressed Powder, L’Oreal Paris Hydra Perfect Loose Face Powder, and Neutrogena Loose Powder Foundation.

#3 Lightweight Wear

Some foundations are too uncomfortable on the skin for daily wear. It feels heavy as if you are carrying additional weight on your face. That is why you have to choose a foundation that is light on the skin, and provides a full-coverage.

#4 SPF Formula

If you spend most of your time outdoors, the best option for you is a foundation with a great SPF formula. The sunscreen formula assures that your skin is safe from harmful rays of the skin. Likewise, choose a foundation with moisturizer content to keep your skin fresh and hydrated.

#5 Special Features

Today, you’ll find foundations with special features to provide better skincare. For example, some have an anti-aging formula, whereas others are formulated for sensitive skin, oily skin, and dry skin.

Consider the special features of powder foundations. Determine your skin type and use it as a basis in searching for the perfect foundation for your skin.

Do you already have an idea which drugstore powder foundation to pick?

If you are still having a hard time selecting a foundation, consult Ellis James Designs.

Ellis James Designs is a helpful online source that guides women in looking for the best cosmetic suitable for their skin type. Moreover, this source posts reviews of the most best-seller cosmetic brands in the market. Hence, everything you need to learn about beauty products is right on this source.

How to Choose the Best Dive Boots

Did you discover that you really enjoy diving and snorkeling and you are already excited about what the next season has in store? Do you want to have your own equipment by the time the next diving and snorkeling season opens but since this is relatively new for you, you feel like you need some help and guidance? Well, we can happily help you choose, for example, the best dive boots now available on the market, so check out the tips and tricks below and see what it is that you need to pay attention to when you shop for something like this. We are happy to share what we think are the top dive boots, so just check out the list below.

1.Check out the warmth. Most dive boots allow at least some water to flow in. The water remains stuck inside the boots and it gets warmed up by your body heat, thus your body also becomes warmer. This is a feature that all dive boots should have. In addition to this, their thickness should be double checked before you spend your money on a pair. Since most of these boots are made of a material called neoprene, the thickness of the neoprene needs to be established according to the type of water that you will be diving in. For example, if you enjoy diving in cold waters, the thickness of the neoprene should be at least 7 mm.

2. The closure. You want the boots to be easy to put on and easy to take off. Since there are lots of options available, such as zipper, a Velcro strap or slip-on models, you need to choose the one which best suits your needs and preferences. Zipper dive boots are easy to put on but at the same time, they will allow more water to flow in, which might have negative effects on their thermal protection power. Slip-on dive boots are difficult to take off but they will surely provide the necessary thermal protection required during the dive.

3. Comfort and fit. When you shop for dive boots, you need to make sure that they feel comfortable when you wear them and you also need to make sure that they are a perfect fit for your feet. This is why you should never buy a pair of dive boots without first trying them on.

4. Durability. This is a feature that you also need to check before you spend your money on a pair of dive boots. Don’t you want them to be durable and last for a longer period of time? You surely don’t want to spend a lot of money on a pair of dive boots which are only going to last for one season. This is the reason why you always need to check out the reviews shared by professionals, as well as the feedback coming from those who already tested the pair of boots that you are about to buy. You will thus stay away from a bad investment.

Five Questions to Ask Before Buying a Floor Jack

Take note that floor jacks are unique. They differ in weight capacity, lifting range, and stability. Likewise, not all can support a wide variety of vehicles. You have to consider these factors before spending money on a particular floor jack. And better yet, use these questions as a guide, as you keep on browsing for the best floor jack in the market.

#1 What Type of Vehicle Do You Have?

The first thing you need to do is determine what type of vehicle you have before buying a floor jack. It is also the question you’ll hear from sales personnel at the store.

As you already know from above, not all floor jacks in the market can support lifting different types of cars. For instance, if you’ve got a racing car, there is a specific floor jack that is suitable for low rising vehicles like this. The same goes for trucks, SUVs, and ATVs.

You are probably asking; is there a universal floor jack?

Yes, there is. There are some floor jacks that can lift a wide variety of vehicles from racing cars, small cars, to SUVs, trucks, and even motorcycles. This type of floor jack usually has a huge weight capacity and lifting range. One example of it is the Blackhawk floor jack.

#2 What is the Floor Jack’s Weight Capacity?

A floor jack’s weight capacity is a factor to consider. It tells you what type of vehicle it can lift. A standard floor jack can lift vehicles weighing 3 tons. But there are specialized floor jacks with higher weight lifting capacity to accommodate heavier vehicles. For instance, the Blackhawk floor jack can lift vehicles weighing 3.5 tons.

#3 What is the Floor Jack’s Lifting Range?

The lifting range tells you how far the floor jack can lift the car from the ground. Small vehicles and race cars require lower clearance and lifting range. On the other hand, trucks and SUVs need a higher lifting range.

Thus, when selecting a floor jack, it is best to choose one that has a wide lifting range to support several types of vehicles.

#4 Does it Have Safety Features?

Never buy a floor jack that lacks safety features. Make sure it is stable enough and sturdy to support a vehicle. Moreover, there are floor jacks with unique safety features to secure the vehicle in place. Consider these features as you keep on looking for a floor jack to buy.

#5 What Does the Buyers Say About the Floor Jack?

This task is a bit tricky and confusing for a beginner. Reading customer feedback and honest reviews from reliable sources will guide you in searching the right floor jack for your vehicle maintenance and repair needs.

One of the most popular floor jacks today is Blackhawk. You can read this detailed Blackhawk 3.5 Ton capacity jack review at Auto Aid Outlet. This website posts unbiased reviews about the leading floor jacks in the market. This source also assists buyers in the form of free tips and advice. You can go to their official website to check this out.

A floor jack is an investment. Hence, you have to consider first your options and buy wisely.

Ranking the leading online sites for beauty care in Europe

beauty care

Market analysts have conducted recent researches, help segment leading online sites of beauty and personal responsibility in Europe, namely three countries, Germany, France, and the United Kingdom. The global online giant, Amazon is among, if not, the favorite online site catering to various needs of online beauty and personal care needs by 22 percent of the shoppers in the United Kingdom and approximately 25 percent of the shoppers in Germany. In the West, Amazon has a large fan base, an estimate of 73 percent of shoppers in the United States consider Amazon as their favorite site to go to for cosmetic product and help. In France, Amazon has a very minimal score among the shoppers at 17 percent and falls in second place behind Amazon is evaluating their success rate among different nations and is quickly adapting in an attempt to satisfy various changing customer needs to achieve the first place among shoppers. Amazon has been making changes by adding the feature of automatic replenishment of products while enabling the customer to choose at the desired frequency.

beauty care
There are other sites than concentrating on Amazon. In the nation of Germany, online shops are becoming increasingly competitive such as beauty products like perfume and cosmetics retailers such as Douglas, drugstore chains Rossman and dm and established and branded outlets such as In the United Kingdom, after Amazon, shoppers favor the drugstore chain, Boots. Boots is the United Kingdom’s third most crucial brand for meeting beauty and cosmetic needs.
In the United Kingdom, shoppers seek and browse online for specific deals and promotion much more than for lower prices available. Majority of the shoppers believe in finding the exact same promotions online as available in stores and shops.
The Germans persist to the preference of major brands despite rising in private labels at large drugstore chains. Rossman and dm are precisely the two leading drugstore chains and favored among as the top five favorite online shops for beauty and personal care. However, Amazon is still number one preferred online portal for beauty stoppers of the nation with as second place and coming up in ranks.

beauty care
In France however, the nation is dominated by online shops and local brands. France is the only nation among the three-nation study that does not consider Amazon has its favorite online stop. In France, it is in first place and Amazon in second. To persist the maintenance of lead in online shops, along with other local French sites offer more of what customers need such as virtual try-outs, online beauty communities, and inspiration for new beauty ideas.

Personal Shopper Guide to buying beauty products online

buying beauty products

Ulta Beauty

Ulta Beauty has a constant flow of new arrivals which is to be checked every day. Although Ulta Beauty does not have many discounts, it holds two yearly 21 days of beauty sales where products will be offered at prices at half the rate. Gorgeous hair event held in October and May provide deals on hair care products while in January it offers deals on skin care products. Ulta has reward programs which entail special offers to members on the products and service they love. It has a return policy as well where if the product bought is unsatisfied, you are given the right to return it within 60 days.

buying beauty products


This site is continuously updated each time you visit it. Every July hosts the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale which is renowned for its incredible offers and limited edition deals. Nordstrom has half-yearly sales each spring and fall that offers great deals on beauty. Nordstrom leads with its price-matching policy which states the store will meet at a fellow competitors pricing when an item is provided in the same color, size while being available at a similar retailer. Reward programs involve great offers and a point for every dollar spent through membership or possessing a Nordstrom card.


Target is known for always running some sale and is always displayed on its homepage. You can save at Target by paying through your REDcard where you can save 5 percent every time you shop. Buying through Target Subscriptions will earn you 5 percent. Installing the Cartwheel which is the Target’s couponing app will make you discounts anywhere from 5 percent to 50 percent. The return policy of 90 days is available if you possess a receipt.

buying beauty products


This retailer features limited-time offers and rewards members with early access to its seasonal sales. The brand’s rewards program is known as N.dulge and offers members one point for every dollar spent. You will be the first to know about exclusive offers on cosmetic products and new product launches.


Birchbox has stock updates once a week. Birchbox hosts customer appreciation day typically on September 15 which offers special discounts. It has a reward program of providing one point for every dollar spent, and Birchbox Ace members earn special discounts on hair and skin care products with free shipping.


The beauty products giant offers the amazing Beauty Insider Program where points are earned for every dollar spent and get free birthday gifts as well. Insiders benefit from exclusive offers, invitations and are even called to attend beauty care classes. Depending on how much you spend, you can get first access to products, an invitation to private events and unrestricted access to Sephora Beauty Studio.

exclusive Styling

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