Must-Know Information About Makeup Primers

It has been several years that makeup primers have been introduced in the market. However, a lot of people are still confused about its functions and in choosing the right makeup primer for them. Since there are a lot of makeup primer types available, it is understandable that some would be confused. There are mattifying primers, hydrating primers, blurring primers, and many more.

Moreover, there are also wrong primer applications that you should know. You might think that it is impossible to apply this product the wrong way, but you are wrong.

If the confusion about makeup primers is what keeps you from using it, then read this article, and maybe it would change your mind. Here are some frequently asked questions about makeup primers:

What are makeup primers, and what do they do?

Primer, like what its name suggests, is a preparatory product. It is applied after using your skincare to create the perfect and even canvas for your makeup such as concealer, tinted moisturizer, and foundation.

Your primer can be a traditional silicone-based primer that can blur and smooth, a sunscreen that can soften pore-appearance and protect you from the sun, or a hyaluronic acid-spiked serum that can boost hydration.

Primers can do a lot of things. Aside from blurring pores near to invisibility, keep your makeup in place, and smoothen your skin, it can also add moisture and cover lines, wrinkles, dark spots, and acne. Some primers can even give your skin a temporary facelift without the heavy feeling.

If you are still wondering if you need to use a primer, then maybe you should ask yourself: “Am I happy and satisfied with my appearance after I apply makeup?” If you feel like something is missing, perhaps you should try using a primer.

What is the best way to apply primer?

Unlike other products that are applied after you finished doing your makeup, like setting sprays and setting powder, primers are used after your skincare routine.

When you use primer, it is recommended that you only use your fingers in applying the primer. Your fingers are the best tool to blend the primer to achieve a seamless look quickly. If you use a makeup brush, you are just going to drag the primer around your face. However, if you are a germophobe, you can use a slightly damp blending sponge.

It is also recommended that you wait for at least a minute. It would allow the primer to set and dry before applying any makeup. Another thing about applying a primer is, you should only use a nickel-sized amount and blend everything well.

What are the most common primer mistakes?

One of the mistakes is not waiting for a full minute before applying makeup. If you make this mistake, the makeup would appear patchy. Another one is using the primer that is not suitable for your skin type. It gives unsatisfying results, just like when you use a mattifying moisturizer on dry skin.

Are you still wondering about what primer you should use, especially if you have oily skin? You can try reading this post: : for more primer-related tips.

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