What Parents Should Know About Transitioning from Baby Bottles to Toddler Cups

Transitioning from baby bottles to toddler cups is a big leap for your little one. For parents who want to know more about toddler cups, here is everything you must know. 

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) suggests that babies should start taking solid food as early as 6-months old. The moment they are introduced to solid food is also the best time to let them try toddler cups. 

Why Transition to Toddler Cups? 

Transitioning to toddler cups is necessary for your little one’s growing body. At this age, your child starts to develop teeth. The rubber on baby bottles can hurt your child’s tooth and may lead to cavities. Letting your toddler use baby bottles for a long time can affect their dental and oral health. Hence, transitioning to the right sippy cups eliminates the risk of problematic dental issues your toddler could experience early on. 

Likewise, toddler cups are an effective training phase for toddler’s independence without eliminating their comfort source, especially at night.

How to Begin

First, you need to look for the best toddler cups. Make sure to get one that is 100% safe for kids. Avoid toddler cups that have potential toxic substances such as lead, phthalates, cadmium, and many more. Take note that toddler cups with harmful chemicals can damage your toddler’s health if not now, then in the future. 

Toddler cups also vary in design. It doesn’t hurt to choose options printed with charming whimsical creatures. A toddler cup with your child’s favorite character is likewise not a bad choice. 

You can look for toddler bedtime milk cup reviews to guarantee the product is safe. Additionally, reading product reviews allows you to compare products and help you choose the best one for your toddler. 

Once you found a toddler cup, show your little one how it’s done. Teach him and point out how to drink using his new cup. It also helps to show your toddler that it is enjoyable drinking from the cup to take his interest away from the baby bottle. 

After teaching your child, be his drinking buddy. Prepare your beverage, propose a toast, and enjoy the drink. Treat it as a fun bonding time with your kid. For sure, your little buddy will enjoy drinking more on his new cup. 

Try to switch up from milk to different beverages suitable for his age. You can also pour in water in the sippy cup so he won’t be solely dependent on milk. 

If you plan to swap the sippy cup to an open one, the best thing to do is alternate the use of these toddler cups. Toddlers feel more comfortable with sippy cups since these are somewhat similar to baby bottles. Try to encourage your toddler to use an open cup for an easier transition to a regular drinking glass. 

Experts warn parents to let toddlers depend on sippy cups. It’ll be challenging for toddlers to transition to regular cups when they make a habit of using the former. It is why experts suggest switching sippy cups and open cups alternately. In this manner, your precious one won’t experience difficulty moving to big-kid cups.

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